4 Services Businesses are Using to Streamline the Employment Process

Employing staff can be a long-winded and difficult process which, sometimes, can yield poor results. Interviewing candidates, arranging trial shifts and hiring new staff can take a long time and, because it is something which is done multiple times per year, it can really take its toll on management.

Because of the difficulties associated with bringing on new staff, businesses are using more methods than ever to streamline the employment process.

#1: Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are perfect when it comes to streamlining the employment process, since it enables employers to cut out the time consuming interviewing and helps them find exactly the kind of staff needed on a short term basis. For example, London based agency Staff Heroes even offers an app that allows employers to filter through different staff profiles and find what fits their criteria – this addition of use on a handheld device means employers can save time by finding staff on the move.

Services Business

Services Business

By using an agency to handle the entire employment process from start-to-finish, management and small business owners are spending less time being bogged down by the process itself and have more energy when it comes to focussing on the development of these new staff members and can deliver better training as a result.

#2: Social Media

Social media is a service which is being used more and more for the employment process. There are thousands of people on social media who are actively looking for work, especially in groups which are specific to your local area.
By utilising social media, employers are able to streamline the employment process by eliminating the need to post out advertisements which costs time and money. Plus, by looking on social media, you can get an immediate idea of a candidate before they have even sent in their application. You can immediately see how they look and present themselves.

#3: Video Interviews

Video interviews have been used by many large companies for many years now and they are becoming increasingly popular throughout the employment process for smaller businesses too.

Video conferencing technology is readily and cheaply available now, which means that candidates for jobs no longer need to travel for miles to come in for an interview. Whilst it may be appropriate for second or third interviews to be held in person face-to-face, having the first interview conducted via video conferencing is a fantastic way to streamline the employment process.

The number of candidates interviewed during a first round is much larger than the number of candidates who are either re-interviewed or who undergo assessment centres, so it only makes sense to adopt video interviews into the hiring process. They are much faster, and you can get a lot more interviews done in the same amount of time.

#4: Electronic Forms & Contracts

The hiring process does not stop once you have had your candidate(s) accept a job offer. You still have to bring your candidate(s) on board and have them fill out all the necessary paperwork and sign their contracts. This process is a burden in itself and involves lots of printing, tons of different forms and lots of information being exchanged.
Through ditching paper in favour of electronic forms that are connected to your HR database, you can streamline the process even further. It is much quicker for a new employee to fill their paperwork out at home and then have that information immediately extrapolated and uploaded to your systems than having them fill out paper copies which then need to be manually processed by your HR department. Also, employment forms cannot be lost, and it eliminates the potential for hassle further down the line.

With more advances in technology, we are sure to see more use of such services within the employment process in the future.

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4 Services Businesses are Using to Streamline the Employment Process
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