5 Fun Theme Ideas for Your New Restaurant

No matter where you plan on starting a new restaurant, the one thing you know is that novelty sells. Literally every city in the country has a steakhouse or a seafood restaurant, along with an assortment of fast food chains, but what they don’t have is an abundance of novelty themed restaurants which make eating there fun. Why not choose a theme based on your location, something fun to experience, yet in keeping with the local culture? Here are five fun theme ideas you might want to explore.

1. 1950s Diner

Gone are the days of the 1950s diner set up in authentic railway cars with counter and booth seating, complete with jukeboxes at every table and along the counter. These can attract a huge amount of business, especially if you stay open 24/7 because you’re sure to get all the ‘after closing’ hungry clubgoers who want a bite to eat after a night of fun.

2. Market Grill with a Twist

One popular restaurant came up with a novel idea and it has become a huge success. At this particular bar and grill, the prices of drinks follow the actual exchange. What makes it so interesting is that the prices really are based on the current market and so until you get there, you never know exactly how much you’ll pay for that margarita! How much are lemons and limes going for that day? That will be reflected in the price of your drink. If you want to draw investors who follow the markets, set up large, HD flat screen TVs with live prices flashing, giving patrons something to talk about as they enjoy their meal.



3. Cosplay Gourmet

Here’s a new twist on an age-old shirt and tie affair. However, instead of requiring gentlemen to wear suits and ladies to wear evening attire, everyone costume of their favorite superhero or villain. No one without a cosplay persona will be admitted. Every city has a huge fanbase, and not only will you draw the locals, but you will find people coming from far and wide to show off their latest costumes.

4. Pick-a-Meal Vegan Café

This particular fun theme would probably only work in more rural areas. It would be best suited on the grounds of a vineyard or orchard that sees regular tourists throughout the year. The idea is to let patrons go out to the field where veggies are growing. Each is given a basket to pick the ingredients for their meal. Whether they are just building a salad or looking for a hot vegan meal, they’ll have fun picking exactly what they want to consumer. It also provides a great photo op for traveling tourists and that’s why it will be a huge success. Let the journey begin with wine tasting at the vineyard and winery and they’ll enjoy it all the more!

5. Rush Hour Roulette

No matter what hours of the day you are open, a Rush Hour Roulette restaurant is based on games. During peak hours, one person per table gets to go up and spin the giant roulette wheel. The winner gets one meal free at their table. Who doesn’t like a bit of gambling now and again? Whether you are in a state like Nevada or New Jersey, this could draw a huge crowd because everyone wants something for nothing, don’t they?

These five fun themes are just the start. Let your imagination run wild and you’re sure to have a hit! Just don’t forget to go heavy on the advertising and have a grand opening event. After that, the rest, as they say, is cake – pun intended!

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5 Fun Theme Ideas for Your New Restaurant
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