Financial Productivity Forms And Their Impact On Regulation Market

Financial Productivity Forms And Their Impact On Regulation Market; Productivity is in the human being and in the money, and today’s talk about productivity in money. These are divided into four forms. It is intended to classify them, to approximate the perception of funds when considering and contemplating the apportionment of each other, in the economic planning of the market regulations of tax and subsidy, and when judging them, and when determining their zakat. (For example, the collection of all funds under the offers of trade and lack of lack of discipline and lack of evidence of the legitimate text). And thus hatch in market regulations and judicial rulings.

Figure 1: The production of money, which grows by increasing the money itself by size or number, without human intervention such as Bitcoin Code, slaves, horses, donkeys, elephants, ostriches, etc., elephants, pigeons, chickens, giraffes and the like. This is in detail the rules of the length of the place is not here, enough of what we will reduce (except for the Zakat-worshiping – the text and lack) – as in the second figure.

Financial Productivity

Financial Productivity

Figure 2: Growth in human development and increase in different money in its form of money money, either quality or quality or service or as. Such as factories and service companies, maintenance and consulting, fish farms, pearls, chickens, dairy, farms of all kinds, bonds and savings deposits, and what is previously excluded from what grows for a unit of non-cattle, (for differences not mentioned here). The origin of the money here is the production, service, mining, financial, animal or agricultural industry. Its output is different from its origin. As cars are generated from factories, meat from chicken farms and fish. These farms, such as factories, do not grow alone, but can grow as factories. The humanitarian effort is an essential part of it, and this is a fundamental difference, for those who want to meditate. The economy revolves around man, his production and consumption.

Figure 3: Real growth in value without any increase in quantity or quality. This is positive trade. Positive trade is as suppliers of goods, importers, agents, wholesalers and retailers, advertising and media companies, and so on, which deliver the goods or knowledge to the consumer.

The delivery of goods and services from their sources and distribution, and the dissemination of science is one of the most important factors affecting productivity by increasing real demand. Demand is the motive of production. The delivery of goods and services produced increases the demand, which stimulates the producer to raise the quantity and quality productivity. Land development is a positive trade because it is connected to the consumer. And the speculation or freeze and prevent it from people, it is negative trade and will come in Figure IV.

Figure 4: All that is involved in the negative trade of commodity speculation and recycling. Only the officer who distinguishes it from positive trade is the high price without adding any real value to the market. Negative trade is under the rule of funds that can be developed. All sales and purchases include a commodity that does not sell and purchase to increase production, nor to reach my place or information, but only to increase prices. Such as stock and commodity speculation. Because everyone who bought the item wants to sell it at a profit. This is not an increase in their real value, but an increase in nominal prices. The increase in prices is inflation while the increase in value is the growth and development of the commodity.

The price comes in the sense of value, as their saying, “Have you taken the price?” “Value is the same as the value of any price. In English, the meaning of value and the meaning of measuring value are not confused because they are different words. In Arabic, there are two meanings of the word price, a great confusion in the jurisprudence and in people’s understanding of money.

If we hope, we will find that the value has no original consideration in the prices of pricing prices at any price, such as rocks, wheat, spices and stones, which worked as prices in periods of time in some societies.

The condition in the validity of the thing – acquired for the price – to be a price, is that it is rare. When this is achieved, and the thing is accepted by the two reciprocals as a price, then the thing becomes a value stemming from the same, but when it reaches other things.

Another example: in 2008 oil prices rose to $ 140 a barrel. The reason was not the increased demand for it from its use of production, but speculation and its use as a tool to save wealth due to inflation and low purchasing power. Petroleum is a valuable commodity in itself, but it is added to this commodity demand, a hedging request against inflation as well as an investment request and prices have risen. When the need for hedging and the investment opportunity went, the price of oil returned to its own value.

If the value is legal in the price, the jewelry is more expensive and self-worth for itself, but it is not taken because it is not homogenous and unevenly different and can not be divided.

The fact that the price is a commodity of value in itself, considering that the goods in general – which worked at a price in one period – fall one by one, the more intrinsic value. Until the era of our money today, which has no value at all in itself, so achieved the highest degrees of precious sunken in precious, they either be a price or it is nothing.

Therefore, the most important qualities of the price, which whenever achieved in the most important thing to be a price, is not to be used as a price leads to the consumption of its origin. This characteristic is the most important characteristic of criticism of the other four Bitcoin Bonanza categories.

Then comes the known qualities, which the more money you get, the more you use a price in an age of the ages when a folk.

The inevitable fact is that the price of gold will return to reflect its value in itself, not the value of speculation and the myths of people towards it, perhaps this explains what we see from the accelerated pace of disposal of central banks. (First started by Israel and then the central banks rolled over). Gold has been abandoned by central banks, either a fact or a job. Today you see many central banks do not have an ounce of gold, and those who own gold, it is an idle wealth and not a job. As for the US Central Bank, gold in its coffers is just a value that is a heritage much higher than its market value, or like most of the remaining central banks of the Third World countries – gold reserves – because they did not think at all about the matter, and do not know what to do.

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Financial Productivity Forms And Their Impact On Regulation Market
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