How Asbestos Awareness Courses Can Change Your Business

How Asbestos Awareness Courses Can Change Your Business; Asbestos is still a very real threat to this day, with over 3000 people dying from asbestos-related diseases every year, that’s more than are killed on the roads every year. Unfortunately, asbestos is still prevalent in many buildings to this day and many people are unaware of the risks asbestos poses or how those can be avoided.

Praxis42 take a look at how an asbestos awareness course can really help you and your employees become informed about the dangers of asbestos and in turn, helping your business.

Asbestos Awareness Courses

Asbestos Awareness Courses


Awareness courses have progressed greatly in the past few years and allow for greater flexibility for both the employer and the employee undertaking the course. Using e-Learning can change the entire culture of your business, moving away from long training days to adaptive and flexible online courses is far more cost effective. Giving your employees the chance to improve their knowledge and skills at any time, on any device for a fraction of the price. [S31]

Asbestos Awareness courses give your employees the knowledge they need to stay alert in the case of asbestos. This way, you’re not putting yourself, your employees and anybody that enters your business at risk.


The safety of your employees and anyone that enters the building should be of the utmost importance. Keeping everybody who works within the building aware is a part of that, whether it be by noticing a damaged wall or ceiling that may contain asbestos and then following the correct procedure. The increased awareness drastically reduces the possibility of somebody inhaling the dangerous asbestos fibres.

Safe working practices are vital not only to staff welfare but also to a successful business. Ignoring training needs or risk assessments could result in employees or customers being affected from asbestos-related diseases such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and Lung cancer.


Ignoring the dangers of asbestos can affect your business greatly, not least through heavy fines enforced by the government. Word can spread very quickly if asbestos is known to reside in your building and you choose not to do anything.

There have been several examples of businesses being fined when they expose people to asbestos either accidentally or knowingly. In July 2012, a contractor, their client and it’s demolition contractor were “fined £1.27m after exposing workers to asbestos during a project to create a new home for an expanding primary school”. Although “no pupils were exposed to asbestos fibres” the businesses were still fined a huge amount for their lack of detailed surveying.
It’s vital that when you open your business you hire contractors to conduct detail surveys, properly administered so that nobody is put at risk, with no chances being taken.

To spread awareness of the dangers of asbestos, get in touch with an e-Learning provider such as Praxis42 today!

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How Asbestos Awareness Courses Can Change Your Business
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