How to Make Your CV Stand Out from The Crowd

Are you ready to get onto the career ladder? Or maybe you are looking to move up? Well, if this sounds like you then you will need to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd! With job competition high, you need to create a glowing CV that will make you hit the shortlist for an interview. Did you know that on average, recruiters only spend 7 seconds looking at each CV in their pile? In these 7 seconds they will decide if you are a suitable candidate for the role, so those first seconds are critical! Here, we are giving you some of our top tips that will help you make your CV stand out when applying for jobs.

Start Your CV Strong

As we mentioned before, recruiters are only going to spend seconds looking at your CV and so you will want to ensure that it starts off strong in order to grab their attention. Make sure that you have a summary with your key accomplishments and skills as your personal profile is extremely important and will let the recruiter know who you are. Therefore, you need to make a great first impression.

Focus on Results

In most CV’s, you will tend to find that people simply list their past responsibilities. Instead, we would recommend that you instead focus on results as this is the qualifiable data that will show off your accomplishments. So, if you were applying for a role as a social media executive, don’t just simply say that you helped to increase social media engagement for a company, instead put a figure on this and say by what percentage you improved engagement. This will help to show exactly what your accomplishments are and this will catch the eye of top recruitment agencies.



Customise Your CV for Each Job Vacancy

When it comes to applying for jobs, all too often people tend to respond every job application with exactly the same CV. This is a huge no no and this can come across as being lazy. Recruiters want to see that you are excited about this job role and so you should explain exactly why you are the perfect candidate for a role. Try and relate your accomplishments to elements of the job role and show that you understand the role you are applying for. This will, of course, take you a little longer to apply for each job application but it will be worth it when it lands you your dream role!

Highlight Your Growth

In a CV, you should be looking to focus on your personal development and show how you have grown and changed in your role. What this does is shows recruiters that you have learnt a lot from your earlier positions and that you want to expand on your current skill set. This is attractive to future employers who will want motivated staff who are looking to not only improve the company but improve themselves also.

Show Your Connections

Over the course of your lifetime, you are sure to have met a wide mix of different people and this can be seen as a positive thing to recruiters. This could simply be through past job roles or even from university if you are a recent graduate. Showing on your CV that you can effectively network displays strong communications skills which employers really value.

Show Industry Insight

What employers and recruiters also really value is someone who takes the time to stay on top of their industry with the latest insight and knowledge. This displays that you can stay up to date with all the latest trends and that you are willing to spend the time doing this if it will help you in your job role. What’s more, this industry insight will definitely come in handy once you reach the interview stage as you will be able to blow them away with how up to date you are in their particular field.

Include Power Words

Right now, you are probably wondering what exactly ‘power words’ are. These are essentially just words that will help you to highlight your skills and accomplishments and this will help to also provide your CV will an additional hard-hitting impact. Power words that we would suggest you include are innovative, achieved, implemented and adaptable. You can then follow up on these words with impressive results or outcomes that will demonstrate that you have delivered on this.

If you are looking to impress recruiters and employers, make sure you follow these top tips that will ensure that you CV stands out from the crowd.

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How to Make Your CV Stand Out from The Crowd
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