How To Market A Product Successfully (In 2018)

How To Market a Product Successfully in the best and easiest way In 2018, this is what we will show in this article through the site. We will also show the factors that affect the marketing process in general, what are the most important characteristics of the marketing process, and how this process developed so that you have dear reader An integrated theme on how to successfully market your product.

How To Market A Product Successfully

Marketing is defined as administrative processes aimed at defining a service or a commodity for the interested customers. This marketing depends on four important points that must be met in order for customers to know about this product or product:

? Characterize this product or product.
? Set an appropriate price.
? To choose the appropriate method to reach customers easily.
? Develop a strategy to successfully promote this product or product.

Therefore, Marketing is the large group of procedures that make this product visible, and the customer feels that he needs it. The trade experts have developed several methods which are the best marketing methods for a product or commodity, as follows:

How To Market a Product Through Paid Advertising

Advertising is one of the oldest means of marketing, and it is still the most important in the marketing methods of any product or commodity, so the owner of the commodity to provide the budget sufficient for the work of advertisements, and can rely on two methods of advertising:

? The work of internal advertising, which is intended to allocate a section advertising and advertising for the product or service, within the company.
? Using a specialized ad company, and this method is the best because this company often do propaganda campaigns by means of media such as: newspapers – television – the Internet.

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How PR Can Help in Marketing Your New Business

The strategy of public relations marketing is an important principle for all companies, large or small as well as factories, and the work of a network of public relations contribute to the marketing process depends on:

? Information messages that show all data and information about the product or the product and the manufacturer.

? as well as brand, and other information that greatly contributes to the definition of customers of the product or service.

Sales contribute significantly to product marketing

Sales are the best means of marketing for companies and factories that want to promote a service or a commodity. It is meant to distinguish the sales service with high quality and efficiency that can be noticed by the customer and when he notices, he will promote this product or service on his own to his relatives and acquaintances.

The Internet is one of the most important marketing tools for products

Digital marketing is a modern method of marketing, and its primary accreditation is based on the Internet. It markets through e-mailing and creating banners within various sites. It also works on social media campaigns such as Facebook and others.

This method has the advantage that prices are low compared to other advertising means, and marketing can also be done through the establishment of a company or factory site that aims to identify those products, goods or services.

7-Figure Project

7-Figure Project

How To Use Prizes and Rewards in Successful Promotions

It is an Innovative Method of Successful Marketing Strategies, which is of great importance in the world of marketing. Its main idea is to create a product promotion competition and give real prizes to consumers. The importance of this idea lies in that it supports the brand of the product or service, Big competition or watching their own ads.

Even if he did not participate, a study conducted statistics that showed that out of ten people viewing a competition for a product or service, he bought four without the competition, and five out of ten people watched.

Nine out of ten people tell others about this contest, so the promotion of promotional competitions is one of the most important means of promoting any commodity.

Marketing Samples:

Marketing and commercial studies have proven that offering a free sample of any product to customers encourages them by 80 percent to purchase it in the future or at the same time. The company that carries out this process depends on a statistic that has been made in Sweden, which proved that 90 percent of the customers who receive On a free marketing sample of a commodity they then purchase.

Especially if they are of high quality, and of the types of goods that can be offered a free marketing sample and the most successful at all.

? perfume.
? Food industries.
? Tools for the home.
? Beauty tools.
? Cleaning materials.

These free samples are distributed not only to customers, but also to distribution dealers and outlets, prompting traders to sell them from the factory or the company producing them.

Incentives for customers:

A promotional method for any product that encourages the customer to participate in the marketing process of the product, he can attract other customers in exchange for receiving a reduction or rewarding financial rewards, and must be based on the provision of all amenities for customers who market a commodity or service, This can be through home marketing.

How To market a product by knowing the factors affecting it

For a success and successful marketing work for a product or commodity there are several factors that must be known as they affect the marketing process. When they are well known and studied, the process will succeed as easily as possible:

Studying customer needs:

The company or factory must know what things the customer needs and feel lacking. These needs may be primary needs or complex needs, so knowing the needs of the customer facilitates the marketing process of the product or product.

Customer wishes:

The needs of individuals vary from individual to individual, from culture to culture to from one social level to another, so produce your goods or services on the basis that they reach those desires easily.

Customer requests:

Client requests are the final stage in which the service or product reaches it. Here, the role of the factors of successful marketing is shown, so that the customer can find the demands he needs. The material capabilities of the customer must be taken into consideration when setting the price of the product or service.


Products of any company or commodity must be produced on the basis of the needs and desires of customers, so the study of what the customer needs of the products of the most important factors that affect the marketing process.


This important factor in the marketing process is of great importance. When the swap between the company or the plant and the customer is done with the purchase of the commodity, there must be a link between the payment of money and what will be produced at a later stage, There is a continuity of this reciprocal process, which is very useful for marketing operations in general.

How To market a product by knowing the characteristics of marketing

Marketing has a set of characteristics that must be recognized by the owner of the company or factory, and deals with the marketing process on the basis of which will achieve a success in the promotion of the product or commodity, and these characteristics include:

? The owner of the company must deal with marketing as a human activity and not only the main purpose of the profit, so it must always seek to provide the consumer needs of goods and services, provided to him at the right time and place with the high quality of this product.

? Company owners should consider that the consumer is the most important tool that controls their marketing process, and give it all the attention and appreciation.

? You must know that the marketing process is beneficial to the consumer first, and then to the plant or company, because this principle will make there is a desire to provide the high quality of any product or commodity.

? Marketing offers the largest set of ideas to the owner of the factory or company in order to attract the customer to get the product and achieve success for that company, so you should pay great attention to this process.

? Any company owner must ensure that marketing is linked to the interaction between consumer and commodity and its surrounding environment.

Successful Marketing Elements

In order to be the promotional process of any product successful application in any society must consider the owner of this product elements of marketing well as follows:


One of the most important elements of marketing is the products that are produced for consumers, and taking into account the difference between consumers and each other, and it is known that the product is produced from more than one company, so the principle of competition must be considered.

Price :

It is the price that determines the success and continuity of the company or the plant or whether they will succeed, because ultimately the profit is the guarantee of the continuation of the project, and we must know that the price is determined on the basis of competition and not only for profit.

Product Show Place:

One of the most important factors affecting the success of the marketing process of any service or product is where it will be displayed, so it must be studied this element well, so that the product or service is displayed in the right place for them.

Product View:

One of the factors that results in the marketing process as soon as it occurs is the presentation of the product, the product must be presented in a way that clearly demonstrates the benefits, advantages and service it provides.

How The Marketing Process Developed

The concept of marketing is one of the old concepts. It is not modern and it has existed since ancient times. Traders were meeting in the market in order to exchange their various products. After the money emerged, the concept of marketing came up with the traders relying on the buying and selling operations. Marketing You may be marketing any goods or services.

After the development of trade and the emergence of the term of foreign trade between peoples and each other, emerged the so-called main commercial market, which included a large variety of different goods, and was characterized by the period not to appear any marketing problems of any merchant, and the marketing process depends all rely on the role of the seller In the display of its own goods.

After the evolution of time and the industrial revolution, production increased and then the emergence of what is known as the competition between the producer and the seller, it was natural that the markets become consumer, and emerged goods have alternatives and increased the role of competition, making there is an urgent need for what is known as marketing, Which enables any trader to receive profits in the presence of others.

Of those who produce the same commodity, and the evolution of developments and the emergence of science specialized in how to manage companies and factories and also emerged economic sciences that develop successful theories to achieve profits and profits, and all these studies helped to understand the trader or the owner of the company consumer behavior and needs, and what the motives that make it By purchasing goods or services.

The marketing process has developed and many theories have emerged that help to promote goods and services correctly. They have helped many traders, business owners and factories to know how to deal with the product, the product or the service, and with the consumer.

We have provided you with a full and detailed topic on how to market a product successfully and everything related to marketing and you should know so you can be a successful marketer for any commodity, and if you have an idea that we did not mention in the article, please send it to us.

If you have any questions in the article, the family of the Website always welcomes the response to inquiries, as well as publish the article through social media described so that others benefit from the information received and be in the reason to master the marketing process of any product.

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