The Best Sneakers of 2019 So Far

While the biggest brands are dropping new releases on a weekly basis, some sneakers are nothing more than over-hyped and will probably end up lying in the back of your wardrobe within a week. But there are certain pairs that are well worth their asking price and will stay in your heart and on your feet for the long haul.

This year has brought forth a variety of new ideas, innovations and approaches to sneaker design, from legendary collaborations that will go down in history, to impressive technology such as Nike’s “Adapt” self-lacing system. Never before have we seen so much innovation from an industry that was seemingly stagnant when it came to new ideas.

The only downside is that you now have a plethora of options to choose from – probably more than most of our wardrobes can contain or wallets handle. That’s why we’ve done the legwork and put together a list of the best sneaker releases of 2019 so far, making it just that one bit easier for you to choose a favorite.



Common Projects Achilles

Since the first iteration of this iconic sneaker was released, sneaker heads and fashion enthusiasts alike have praised the Achilles for their perfect blend of minimalist style and luxury quality. From the soft leather upper to the comfortable rubber soles to the ultra-clean design, it’s hard to believe they cost what they do.

The Achilles is an ideal sneaker for spring/summer seasons, but works just as well with a pair of jeans and jacket. The silhouette is simple and effective, making it a perfect pairing for any outfit. Common Projects continues to release new colorways each year, ensuring that there’s a match for everyone.

Balenciaga Speed Socks

While there’s more than enough hype surrounding the Triple S thanks to the current “dad shoe” trend, the Speed Socks are and always have been a solid buy. This year has brought us a number of impressive color combinations to choose from which, when paired with the ultra-clean silhouette of the shoe, is bound to always make an impression.

Gucci Ace

With a top-class brushed leather upper, tonal laces and the signature Gucci stripes along the side, few sneakers can be recognized in a crowd as well as the Ace. With them being in circulation for a few years now, there are a wide variety of colors and design elements to choose from, whether you want the iconic golden bee or a majestic dragon embroidery.

The only hard part about buying a pair of Gucci sneakers is finding them in the first place. If you’re currently on the lookout, these are our favorite products from Gucci at the moment. Here you can find a plethora of designer brands at great prices and with fast, affordable shipping, you’ll get them before anyone else.

Travis Scott X Air Jordan 1

Travis Scott is a bit of a visionary when it comes to his music, but nobody could expect his take on the classic Air Jordan silhouette to be so effective. His signature white, black and brown colorway is adorned with the backwards Swoosh, ensuring that this pair of Jordans always stands out in the crowd.

Adidas Nite Jogger

As the name would suggest, the Nite Jogger was developed to be used after dark. However, they look just as good during the day too thanks to their careful combination of complementing tones and materials. There’s a bit of suede on the heel, some breathable mesh on the upper and a TPU heel cap for maximum comfort.

Of course, this being a higher-end Adidas sneaker, you also get the benefit of the Boost outsole. If you’ve ever worn a pair of Boost shoes, you’ll know that they’re about as comfortable as a pair of sneakers can get. Add in the flashy 3M laces and you have yourself a winning formula.

Nike Air Vapormax

This year’s version of the Vapormax brought forth a few new improvements, including a complete redesign of the upper. The same Vapormax outsole can still be found on the shoe, owing to its excellent level of comfort and versatility. Whether you’re heading out for the evening or you want to clock in a quick morning run, the 2019 Vapormax is a solid choice.

Sacai X Nike LD Waffle

Sacai has always been known for their unique, daring designs, and their take on Nike’s iconic silhouette from the 70’s is no exception. Upon first glance, you’ll think you’re seeing double. That’s because Sacai has decided to quite literally create a double-design of the laces, tongue, outsole, logo and just about every other component of the LD Waffle.

Choosing just one pair here might be tough, especially considering that while these are some of the best options right now, there are still plenty more releases to come in 2019. Regardless of what you choose to bless your feet with, any of these choices are sure to elevate any outfit to another level of stylish.

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The Best Sneakers of 2019 So Far
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