Why You Should Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

When you manage a team, it is important that you stay on top of what is going on. Getting a project
done on time should be one of your top priorities and if you have a team that you can rely on then
you should be able to achieve this goal. The problem with a lot of people that manage teams is that
they go a little too far and overstep the boundary. Micromanaging is a serious problem which can
actually cause teams to fail. In this article, we are going to take you through some of the reasons
why you should never micromanage your team so keep reading to find out more.

How to Manage Your Team

Before we get started on the reasons why you should avoid micromanaging, we’re first going to take
you through some of the ways that you can manage your team effectively. If you find that you are
prone to micromanaging, you might benefit from opening up more communication channels
between your team. If you can let your team come to you when they have a problem, you can start
to trust that they are going to get things done. Another thing that you could use is the Kanban
method which is a workflow system that will keep your team on track, meaning that you won’t have
to micromanage. Make sure to find out more and understand the Kanban method before you start
using it to see the difference that it can make.



Employee Dependency

The first reason why you should avoid micromanaging is that your employees will become toodependent on you. If you are always around to help them out and encourage them to keep working,
they’ll start to struggle to do this when you aren’t there. You might find that you are constantly
answering questions on your days off or you are unable to focus on your own work as a result of
your micromanaging.

Lack of Trust

If you micromanage your team a lot, your employees will soon start to dislike the impact that you
are having on their experience in the office. They will distrust that you care about them and think
that you only care about the job. You cannot make it seem like you don’t believe in them and that
how they feel or what they do doesn’t matter. Avoid micromanaging to ensure that the levels of
trust between you and your team stay at a good level.

No Control

Although you may think that you are totally in control of your team when you are micromanaging
them, you might find that they start to resent the fact that you are always there looking over their
shoulder. You want your team to respect you and feel like you respect them. Controlling everything
they do is only going to lead to bad things happening. Give them a little independence and you might
find that you can keep your employees for longer and get work done faster.

Lack of Creativity

Depending on what sort of team you are running, you might find that their creativity starts to run
dry with your micromanagement. A team that might have spent time coming up with ideas together
and bouncing off each other might start to dwindle as they are aware that you are always watching
and critiquing what is going on. You need to let your team have a little time to be creative and stay
on top of their work. If you are taking on the roles of different team members and overruling their
decisions, then you might find that they start to lose interest in their job.

Tiring Yourself Out

If you are micromanaging your team then you might find that you are actually stopping yourself
from having a life outside of work or that you are struggling to keep up with your own work. It is
likely that you have assigned different members of the team responsibilities, so you need to make
sure that you let them take these on. Don’t ask someone to do something and then redo it yourself
when you don’t like what they’ve done. You need to give your team some independence to be able
to do the job properly and if you micromanage you’ll find that your team is not running as
successfully as it should be. Don’t give yourself more responsibility than you need to have. As long as
you check up on your team often and are getting the work done on time, you should be able to let
them work without your constant supervision.

Make sure not to micromanage your team if you want to see good results and a happy workforce.
Manage your team in a good way by giving out roles, communicating effectively and implementing
workflow systems where you can.

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Why You Should Avoid Micromanaging Your Team
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