How To Become A Profitable Amazon Seller [In 2018]

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A list of ideas and marketing methods for your product will give you a huge financial profit. You should take note of it at the end of this article, as well as ideas for exporting your products to science as a whole and not just the US market.

Introduction To ECommerce

Everyone is going to the e-commerce market, and everyone is thinking of starting a 7-Figure Project, some for their own products and the other for products they buy and sell, and other goals and trends, but all of them make up for the money.

There are different ways of navigating the e-commerce market, for example:

• Establishing a site that specializes in direct selling of products. It starts the process of research and development, finding the appropriate mechanisms for electronic payment, connection and shipping solutions, securing the website, and replacing the inputs and tools of these markets and commercial sites for success and profit. Of course,

The other way is the convergence under a platform offering all of these solutions, and we do not insure products and display them within that electronic platform (site), which locks the tools for presentation, marketing, sale and collection.

There are several types of sellers who use these sites or profit platforms:

1. It has limited and limited products that do not require investment in the establishment of an independent online market,

2. Whoever owns a product of a personal nature, meaning that it is a local producer, a business owner or a shop of medium or small size, and thus can not or does not dare to invest in an independent electronic trading site

3. Who does not have sufficient knowledge of electronic commerce tools and mechanisms, and does not want to spend time

4. Many product owners, but want to focus on product insurance instead of setting up their own market

5. Who has an existing e-commerce site, but at the same time wants to have access to a larger chunk made available by these large electronic markets, thereby broadening the target segment and making sales available from more than different electronic selling points other than the vendor’s own.

There are many public electronic markets, including, Ebay. All of these sites collect certain percentages on any sales movement through their platform, while at the same time providing the seller with great efforts The customer must have a secure location and make the full focus of the product insurance and shipment to the customer at the time of purchase. At the same time, the customer provides the safe and safe shopping and shopping platform that all suppliers and product owners have been assured of their credibility as well as their products, in case The existence of any disagreement or dispute with the seller.

If such sites serve as a major market place or what is called Mall or electronic centric markets, and provide a profitable environment for all parties, seller and buyer, as well as the service provider or the integrated electronic market, everyone can benefit from these sites and I will try to put your hands Some points to keep in mind while handling, viewing and selling products across these platforms, and I will start with the Amazon platform.

7-Figure Project

7-Figure Project

Important Points should be noted:

1. There is no need to obtain a specific trade license from the official authorities in the country, whether it is products or shipping, or even in the United States of America.

2. Amazon allows many retailers to sell products through them. Millions of shoppers make frequent multi-day visits, creating a great opportunity for large and small sellers, and it is easy to start selling products through Amazon within hours.

3. The main thing is to remember that Amazon is not just an online retail store, but it is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, and the volume of business and products traded on a daily basis is very large, that is, the central online market.

How To Start An Amazon Business – A Step-By-Step Guide

There are two types of information you must prepare to begin with Amazon:

1. Seller Information

The seller needs to prepare some information before starting to sell through Amazon:

Business Information Processing:

Because Amazon is the most respected e-commerce brand on the Internet, it makes sense that this information is taken care of by the company for all its customers in the sale.

? The brand name that will appear on the seller’s page for shoppers
? Legal trade name if any
? E-mail address for customer service
? Customer service phone number
? The actual address of the whereabouts of the products from where they will be shipped
? Account information.

In addition to this information, the seller has to choose the shipping method used at the time of dispatch, and how it will be completed
For example, is the shipping price uniform for all products, whether by weight or by the total value of products purchased?

To choose the best shipping method, the approximate shipping price for each product should be known according to the method of dispatch in advance before placing it on site and, if necessary, prior agreement with shipping and delivery companies.

There is often a shopper in Amazon wanting to know more about the seller’s information before buying. Here, you must add other information in the settings section. The good seller profile includes:

? Logo of the seller or company
? Information about the seller and who is the seller
? More detailed information about the delivery, shipment and policies used by the vendor in all cases
? General seller policies, as well as return and redemption policies

2. Product Information:

Amazon needs to know some information about each product sold through its platform and mainly:

? Universal Product Code (UPC) No product can be visible on the site without this code, and any vendor can create that code for each product automatically
? SKU or SKU number
? Product name and product description
? Product specifications in the form of successive points to facilitate quick knowledge of product specifications
? A list of keywords and keywords related to product descriptions and features to facilitate search and product access
? The section or category in which the product must be included and often these sections are prepared and pre-installed by Amazon
• Amazon has a full advantage to expedite product entry and placement on the site. This feature is based on a standard Amazon ID number or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), a unique number assigned to each product via Amazon, If the seller prefers to use the same image and description of the previously listed Amazon product, the product is listed in the same image and description. All of these similar products appear in the description, image and name when they are searched, and prices vary from seller to seller of course.

3 – Method of raising data:

Uploading and updating product data in Amazon can be handled in a number of ways, including XML files or text files, desktop tools, or an online data transmission tool. Once all of this information has been completed or product-specific, account creation and product deployment on the site is significantly faster. Amazon reviews all accounts and products before publishing them, of course, but these reviews take only a few hours.

Fulfillment Service By Amazon

Amazon offers many solutions and facilities to both vendors and customers. These solutions are called fulfillment by amazon, which means:

The seller submits quantities of the product sold to Amazon’s own warehouses, and Amazon reviews and then fills them out and sends them to each customer who purchases the individual product through Amazon and not through the seller, and the seller retains the value of course. In other words, the sale is done Amazon Guarantees.

This saves the effort and time on the seller and the storage location of his products, reduces the individual shipping costs, and provides the service to ensure product health and security in case of error or damage to the product when purchased by the customer.

But what is the real benefit of this service is not free from Amazon where Amazon charges a simple fee to the seller to benefit from this service of course?

We will discuss this service at length, and the reader will know at the end of this post the reason for these details and elaborate on this point.

The Real Benefit From Fulfillment Service By Amazon

• Sales are significantly higher for all vendors who benefit from this service. When the products are included in the Amazon Satisfaction service, they are eligible to be included in Amazon’s customer offer as Amazon did not forget customer service and fulfillment, which provides free shipping For any purchase order, the total amount of the payee exceeds $ 25. Amazon does not stop at customer service, but extends to delivering only two days of delivery in America to premium subscribers and thus encourages customers to purchase more than one product with a free connection offer.

? The commercial center that does not sleep! Yes it is Amazon, and because the customer puts his products at the disposal of Amazon warehouses that work 24 hours throughout the year, including the delivery of the product directly and quickly.

? The freedom of movement for the seller. As long as the product is placed in the Amazon centers, your electronic commerce operates automatically, such as the automatic pilot in commercial airplanes. Sales come and the products are sent and shipped to customers without having to move the finger and press the computer mouse, of course it is not so simple, but close.

There is no need for storage warehouses or employees to prepare and ship products, that is, you can simply work from home and manage your e-business only, and occasionally you ship a quantity of products to Amazon. The product can be shipped directly from the importer to the Amazon Center without passing through the seller’s point of course, in case the seller is concerned about the product and the supplier of that product, as the method of growth will reduce the capital and institutional costs of warehouses and the like. It is also possible to use this service provided by Amazon, Other non-Amazon platforms such as eBay and other markets

• There is an additional feature offered by Amazon to the vendor to reduce the cost of shipping products to its warehouses, which allows the possibility of sending products through the use of Amazon accounts to take advantage of the large discounts that Amazon itself receives from shipping companies, the seller only to determine the size and weight of the package or box content On the products Amazon will issue the poster or the reduced shipping voucher to the seller, and will be calculated later between the seller and Amazon, an additive service and a reduction in the costs to the seller.

Fulfillment Service charges By Amazon

Now, we will discuss the charges for this service, which are updated or modified in part, from time to time, but are generally very few and are rarely modified.

? Application fees and charges for each product when sold = about $ 1
? Charges applied to the unit Weight lb = approximately 0.46 cents per pound
? Storage charges = about 0.48 cents per cubic foot of storage space you need.

Fulfillment Service Strategy By Amazon

There are of course some strategies to consider in order to get the best results from the Amazon service. The first strategy is not to send a variety of products of the same kind to Amazon without checking and making sure you do not be surprised by 100 other people selling the same These products, and for proper strategic thinking, the following questions can be answered to understand this strategy:

? What value will you add to your products that make your products unique?
• Can you add products that are not currently available in Amazon so you can sell without much competition?

So the real key is having unique or required products with the knowledge of the target segment for potential customers.

Shipping charges for Fulfillment Service By Amazon

There are many variables when calculating the added fees. This calculation is based on the quality of the product and on any section added to it, where the quality of the product differs from one section to another, but the total is divided into four different fees: Packaging, weighting, storage charges, and other charges if the product is of a large size and is called special handling fee.

Quick information: Amazon’s warehouses have reached nearly 80 of the world’s 39 stores in America

Selling Without Fulfillment Service

The question is the same: should the seller subscribe to Amazon’s delivery service or can he sell without this service?

Sure, the seller can do that, and Amazon does not require anyone to use this add-on service. As good as it is, it is not bad. For the client, there are many who prefer to deal with Amazon directly instead of dealing with more than one vendor. The customer bought from the dealer directly or through the Al Fulfillment service. All the products are still documented and secured by Amazon. All sellers are struggling to stay within this central market and maintain the highest ratings from customers for continuous selling and profit making. Sales and transactions through its market and its strict implementation of customer service policies, thereby achieving this great success.

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