How To Make Your First $1000 From Ecommerce Business 2018!

How To Make Your First 00 From Ecommerce Business 2018! Before you win a million dollars, before you earn tens of thousands of dollars, you have to think about How To Make Your First $1000 From Ecommerce Business.

The world of e-commerce is an unlimited world and many people across the Arab world have managed to achieve huge profits amounting to millions of dollars and sometimes even billions! , You know that the volume of online payments in the Arab countries reached 21 billion dollars in 2014 and is expected to reach 35 billion dollars in 2020, according to a study provided by Payfort, one of the most important payment portals on the Internet in the Arab world. Ecommerce, like other industries, has bases and rules. If you follow these rules and insist on success, you will reach your goals, God willing.

In this article you will apply some basic rules and simple to start you to achieve the first goal in your journey with e-commerce is the first profit of $1000 from your online store.

How To Make Your First $1000 Ecommerce Business

The initial step: Setting the target is in this case a profit of $1000 within one month

The second step is to divide the target, ie, to determine the number of sales required to achieve this goal. For example, if you win an average of $ 50 from each product you sell through your site, then you need to sell 20 products to achieve the desired profit.

Step 3: Determine the number of customers required in terms of how many customers will need to achieve the goal In this case we will assume that one customer will buy only one product if you need 20 customers to achieve the goal

Step 4: Start marketing to get the target number of customers and then achieve the desired profit To achieve this you have to start marketing and promoting your products through marketing channels known as the Internet and the search engines, including the most important Google and social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter. Since in this example we are talking about the first profit of $1000, we will assume that your site currently does not receive any visits from the targeted customers and you do not have any fans or follow your page on Facebook or Twitter so the way to start and publish your store is advertising, just like Any other business needs to promote your products, and of course we will launch the work of advertising on the Internet because of its many advantages are easy and cost simple and achieve fast results.

In order to start advertising campaign we have to first determine the budget required for advertising, as we mentioned we will need 20 clients to achieve the goal we will assume in this example that we need to enter 1000 people on the site or 1000 visits to get the 20 customers and this ratio is somewhat pessimistic and But you have to plan for equality and hope for the best. The cost of advertising on the Internet is calculated by the number of visits you make, which is known as Pay Per Click or pay per visit. The cost is calculated by the so-called Cost Per Click or the cost of each visit.

Now you will organize a campaign on Facebook Pay Per Click system and the goal is 2000 visit in one month If the cost of visiting the CPC is $0.1, the budget will be $ 200 per month to achieve the goal and therefore we will put the budget of one day to $6.7 per day and then start Pregnancy and follow the results.

And so you can use the same way to achieve any goal and you can integrate more marketing channel to achieve the goal we can apply the same example above, but we do a propaganda campaign on more than a channel such as Google and Facebook together. Over time you will find that your store has become its visitors and customers will appear better and free on the search engines and will increase the number of fans of your pages in social networking sites.

E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

General Tips Of Ecommerce Business

Start with a simple goal like the goal in the previous example. Then, after the advertising campaign is finished, evaluate the results. For example, if the result of the campaign is that you have achieved more than $ 1200, this is an incentive to increase the budget of the next month and make more profits. Many of the profits targeted, you should review your store and review the advertising campaign itself and channel marketing, which you chose to know the reason and modify it and then re – implementation of the campaign again and so until the desired result.

Make sure your store design is professional and great: if you are using the Expandart Card, this will guarantee you the professional and wonderful design of your store and with the help of the support experts you will be able to achieve what you want

Add offers on a continuous basis to your products: Offers are the most motivated to buy just like what happens in traditional stores

Use Expand Card Marketing Tools to help you achieve your marketing goals. ExpandCard offers many tools and services to help you with this. For example, the free advertising on the ExpandCard and the thousands of fans from your country, such as the Mahashal Offers page which targets fans from Egypt and The most powerful offers in Saudi Arabia targeting Saudi fans, do not forget to ask marketing and e-commerce experts at ExpandCard to help you create your advertising campaign.

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How To Make Your First $1000 From Ecommerce Business 2018!
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