How To Sell On Amazon Successfully Step By Step 2018!

How To Sell In Amazon Step By Step 2018, Many people have things or products used or new and do not need, and looking for a way to sell but without success, prompting many to search for ways to sell their goods online and the most prominent sites that provide you this service are eBay and Amazon, I will explain to you in this matter how to sell goods at amazon amazon.

How To Become an Amazon FBA Seller

In order to sell your products on you need to open a seller account and you can not sell by regular account. Amazon gives you free membership for one month and then you are forced to pay the subscription fee of $ 40 per month in the case of Mint owns a company or pay 1 $Per sale for individuals.

Viewing Your Product at

In order for your product to be accepted by Amazon, you need to write a detailed and accurate description of it with at least one image of the product. Product description should be structured, easy and easy to understand so that the buyer will not find it difficult to read it.

How To Sell In Amazon Step By Step 2018

In case you own a company that wants to shop for your products at Amazon, you need to pay $ 40 per month as subscription costs, plus a commission on each sale.

In case you sell as an individual, you will be given a free membership with a commission of $ 1 per sale, knowing that you can not sell more than 40 products per month for ordinary people. Shipping & Delivery acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and is not responsible for the shipping process, and the seller is the one who lists the areas to which shipping, shipping method and price, and is obliged to deliver the item to the buyer.

As we discussed the shipping issue in Amazon you can read a complete and detailed article about the direct shipping from the Amazon site from here

What is The Credibility of Website?

When we say buy or sell on the Amazon site, we are talking about the largest and most popular shopping site in the world, which means that the site will guarantee you your full right, and will compensate the seller or buyer if damaged one of them provided that the transaction within the site Amazon.

What kind of Products can I sell at The Website? gives you complete freedom to sell any product, provided that it is not a drug addict or without a license if the product needs it like weapons.

It can sell new or used products provided they are functioning normally, and the site prohibits the sale of idle products.

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7 Figure Cycle System

How To Sell On Amazon In 3 Easy Steps

There were many questions about how to sell on the Amazon platform or open a merchant account on that platform, even if the seller was outside the United States, and what countries would allow their residents to deal with the Amazon site on the basis of a vendor who displays his products and sells them through the site.

There are 3 conditions to deal with the Amazon platform:

You must be among the countries allowed to deal as a vendor in Amazon

You must have a local phone number

3. You must have a bank account or an international credit card and an approved bank account (I mean international credit card here, which accepts online purchases or transactions in different countries, such as Visa or Mastercard)

We are now discussing how to deal with these conditions:

1. To resolve the problem of residence or to be within the countries allowed to deal with Amazon, we use a system called (meet through Amazon) where the products can be sent to Amazon stores and then Amazon sends the product to the buyer once the sales are achieved, that Amazon is like the store for the merchant, I have explained this part in much detail in a booklet entitled Safe Selling via Amazon.

This is where you can use the trust you have in America. You are doing the commercial intermediary between you and Amazon within the framework of mandatory contracts between the two parties that define the dealing mechanisms so that you deal with Amazon and you are the owners of the project, but you should be aware of the possibility of applying the US income tax laws on that person’s income or company .

2 – Solution to the telephone line: There are many companies that provide a local US number or a number with a general key (800), some of them free or for a small fee, including:

A – Google, through its service called (google voice),

B-, which also provides numbers but in return, and is linked to your phone through their own program, and when you call this number comes in the form of regular call to the phone, and this service with a monthly fee starting at $ 12

3 – Amazon is very cautious with bank accounts or credit card, and must be reliable or issued by America, if the solution is in this condition:

You can get a bank account and a MasterCard credit card through a company or service called Payoneer.
When searching for Amazon and Payoneer all the ratings say it works well with Amazon, (and God knows, because I have not dealt with the two companies’ link before).

The method is to register an account with this company. This company gives you US bank account information and sends you a credit card using that account information on any platform (like Amazon of course). When you get purchases and check the amount, ATM or local bank, or used as a regular credit card in purchases or the Internet.

You must pay attention to the fees to be paid either on receipt of these amounts or when withdrawn by credit card.

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