News Says Coinbase Is Adding Ethereum Classic To Its Trading Platform

Many investors have been jumping on the crypto currency bandwagon since it first came on to the market. With its wide range of benefits and anonymity it is truly easy to understand why some many consumers and investors are in a tailspin about the currency. Sure, it has had its up and downs over the past couple years, but it seems like it is probably at its current high. What about Ethereum Classic? Coinbase is without a doubt one of the most well known crypto exchange in the world. However, as of right now it only supports just a few coins and one of them isn’t Ethereum Classic, Is it possible that investors could see Ethereum Classic added to that list in the coming months?



Coinbase must be somewhat picky about what type of currency they choose to deal with, as there platform only supports a few. While this is far fewer than other exchanges, some individuals see it as a good thing. However, Coinbase just recently announced that it would be adding Ethereum Classic to its list in next couple of months. Ethereum Classic only hit the market in 2016, but since has seen quite a bit of notoriety.

As of right now Ethereum Classic is only ranked as the nineteenth highest valued coin available on the market, but Ethereum predictions think that is about to change, as in just 20 percent in value in a short 24 hours. This just shows what potential that it truly has. A lot of this could have had something to do with Coinbase’s announcement to add it to its vendors list, but still the sky is the limit for this online currency. The reason that Coinbase made this announcement really is because of the problems that they had when the first announced they were adding Bitcoin to their list.

When they added Bitcoin and made the announcement they saw a wide range of outrages and wild price fluctuations. So, they decide to take a test run with Ethereum Classic to see what kind of reaction it had. And, unsuspectingly it was a good one. Coinbase might not be stopping just there, as they are expected to make a variety of announcements this year. However, they aren’t just talking about adding more currencies. They are even exploring how they can incorporate blockchain technology to include automatic swaps, sharding, proof of stake, and tons of more actions. If this is truly the case, 2018 might just be the biggest growing year that Coinbase has ever seen.

When it comes to the service side of things Coinbase has already made some great stride. It has added a variety of services for their institutional investors and they event recently bough a securities dealer. The exchange is hoping that it will eventually be able to trade ICO tokens through said securities dealer. Some of the other exciting purchases that they have made this year include wallet service, Toshi, trading platform Paradex, and When investors look at everything the exchange has already done and everything that it plans on doing, it sure seems like the exchange is headed in great directions.

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News Says Coinbase Is Adding Ethereum Classic To Its Trading Platform
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