Best Types Of Dates On The Market To Buy

Types Of Dates

Who does not like to eat dates? This delicious fruit, which has many health benefits because it contains many nutrients and many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it be among the most important fruits necessary for the body.

Come with us to get to know the Best Types Of Dates On The Market To Buy.

Best Types Of Dates On The Market To Buy

We all know that there are varieties of fresh and soft dates and dried species and each has its own characteristics that are distinguished by it, as it is known that the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used to exchange dates with different goods from merchants during the ancient Silk Road.

Best Types Of Dates In The Market To Buy
Best Types Of Dates In The Market To Buy

This high-quality fruit is grown in the tropics and subtropics and has various types. Dates also have many health and therapeutic benefits including treatment of constipation, bowel disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction and diarrhea treatment, Resurge your body, prevention of digestive cancer and many other physical problems.

One of the characteristics of dates is that it is also beneficial to gain weight for its richness in a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibers. This delicious fruit also contains oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium, all of which are good minerals to maintain good health. According to Resurge Reviews health experts, eating one serving per day Dates are essential to a healthy and balanced diet.

Due to the many health characteristics of different types of dates, we will present in this article different types of dates produced in some countries so come with us.

Most Expensive Dates in The World

There are more than 3000 types of dates in the world, and some sources indicate that there are 4000 types.

The main difference between the different types of dates is the type of sugar and the amount of water or moisture in it, as the total amount of sugar varies in different types of dates, but the difference is not significant and ranges between a few percentages.

Sugars in dates are fructose and glucose (reducing sugars) as well as sucrose.

Soft, soft dates contain less sugar than dried dates, but they have more water. In general, soft, soft dates give less energy than dried and semi-dried dates.

The best type of Dates and its varieties

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the second place in the world for the production of dates, as the first factory for sorting and packing dates was established in Medina in 1964.

This is why Saudi Arabia holds a date festival for dates in Buraidah market, which is distinguished as a global market, where within the activities of this market, the different types and varieties of dates produced from palm trees in Saudi Arabia are displayed.

Among these varieties and types that are presented and distinguished by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia include:

Ajwa Dates

Types Of Dates
Types Of Dates

This species is characterized by being dry, soft and extremely sweet, and this made it one of the most famous species, as it was ranked first and most popular in the world.

This type of dates is a mixture of soft and dry types, it is very sweet and becomes soft in the mouth. This kind of dates has curative properties.

Amber Dates

It is one of the most expensive types of dates, and it is called (Kings Dates). It is distinguished by its large and lengthy size. The nucleus is small compared to its size, it is very sweet and is closer to the color of red-brown.

It is a rare species so it is difficult to obtain and is considered the best gift offered to the expensive because it is rare and a good type with a distinct taste and high price.

This type of dates has a soft and moist texture and is used to make a variety of date juices.

This type of large dates is very common due to its large appearance, thickening of its skin and small nuclei. It is also one of the most expensive types of dates that has its healing properties and is also full of protein.

Al Barhi dates

Al-Barhi dates is characterized by its dates being yellow, very sweet and soft.

One of its most important properties is that it facilitates digestion because of its dietary fiber.

Diabetes Dates

It has a fragile texture, sweet taste, brownish-golden color, and it is one of the soft types, and it is abundant in Qassim.

Among the most important characteristics of it is that it is suitable to protect the body from high cholesterol in the blood and protect teeth from decay, in addition to many therapeutic properties.

Safawi Dates

This type of dates is distinguished by its medium size and it is very black and soft to the touch. The taste is close to the taste of Ajwa and the same softness.

Al-Safawi is a species with abundant production, so we find it on the market, as its meat is fat and rich in vitamins and important healing properties.

It has many beneficial properties to heal from diseases because it contains many important minerals.

This type is cultivated in Medina, and if you eat this kind of dates on an empty stomach it is useful in treating gastritis.

Al-Zuhdi dates

Al-Zuhdi dates are golden in color (yellowish-brown), oval in shape, have a soft, curly feel, nutty taste, are thick and semi-dry, and are less sweet than other dates.

This type of dates also contains a lot of fiber as many people prefer it widely because of its moderate sweetness.

Due to the ease of storing this type of dates, it is very popular among date traders, especially exporters.

Khalas Dates

This type of dates is one of the most commercial types available in the market and highly desirable, because despite its long storage, it maintains its delicious shape and flavor.

Salvation dates are yellow, light orange, and have a sweet taste. One of the customs of those interested in this type is served with Arabic coffee in Arab sessions.

This date has a caramel scent when it is completely cooked.

This kind of dates is produced by the Qassim and Al-Kharj regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Khudari dates

It is characterized by its large size, with a curly texture, and has a dark blackish-brown color and a slight sweetness, making it suitable for diabetics.

It has great nutritional value, its production is abundant, and it has an advantage in that it resists heat and remains for a long time, as its color does not change by storage.

Al-Khudari dates one of the most widely exported varieties due to its freshness and reasonable price. This type of dates is one of the best dates, especially if you want to improve your health, increase your energy and strengthen your immune system.

Sagai dates

This type is also very popular, as it combines golden, yellow and red colors.

It is served on fine occasions where the producers of this type empty the dates from their seeds and put in place some almonds, cardamom or some kind of nuts to increase their taste and flavor.

Medjool Dates

It has a soft feel, sweet taste, strong and large volume.

It is called the king of dates because it is available at all times of the year and can be used to make juices.

The Best Dates Types in Iran

There are also types of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, palm trees are spread in most countries of the world, including Iran, which also has the best types of dates, among which:

Iranian Zahidi Dates

Iranian ascetic dates are part of semi-dry varieties and considered dry in some parts of the country.

This high-quality species has a light brown color, large in size and free from any pests.

It is produced in the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan and Bushehr.

Due to the high sugar content in the ascetic dates, it is used in the industry to prepare vinegar and alcohol.

Royal Dates in Iran

This variety is widely cultivated in the Jahrom region of Fars Province.

Royal dates have a long size, a narrow tip and a golden-yellow color. They taste very sweet and are considered one of the premium wet dates.


Buy healthy, dried, non-exposed dates because dirt may stick to the surface of the sweet, smooth, and sticky fruit.

It may also attach to bacteria or insecticides, care should be taken, and if healthy wrapped dates do not exist, wash the dates immediately before eating to get rid of the dirt or the effect of the insecticides attached to it.

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