The 5 Best Investment Ideas You Can Make For 2018!

Investment is an important tool that depends on the role of individuals and enterprises in the use of their funds to implement various economic projects. Therefore, investment is an effective tool used to invest funds for profit. Investment may be a small part of private income in production, Investment can be defined as the transfer of advanced management techniques and capital to contribute to a managerial, social and economic development that leads to the development of a State; by relying on innovative companies and the use of national capital.

The Best Ways To Invest In 2018

The success of investment in increasing money depends on the use of a variety of ways to help, and the following information about the most important:

• Treasury Bills: A type of financial instrument issued by the Central Bank acting on behalf of the Government of the State. The Bank announces its prices on a regular basis and issues treasury bills to its owner only, but does not mention its buyer’s name; From the current owner to another person, and not to pay any interest on them, but to provide funds that represent the difference between the price of their purchase and their nominal price. These permissions are free of any risk because they have government support. Treasury bills are traded in an active market that contributes to increasing their liquidity.

• Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), which are funds deposited in a commercial bank for a certain period of time against receipt of receipts. The certificates of deposit shall specify maturity periods according to the needs of investors and upon arrival Due Date The amount of the deposit is paid in addition to the interest thereon.

• Inter-Corporate Deposits: A type of short-term deposit that is applied between companies in order to obtain good returns. These deposits are divided into three types:

– Call Deposits: These are financial deposits that the lender can withdraw upon notification. When this process is applied, you must wait for three days to get the money.

– Three Months Deposits: Financial deposits used by borrowers to cope with short-term money shortfalls. Interest rates on these deposits are affected by interest rates issued by banks.

– Six-month deposits: financial deposits with a maximum term of 6 months, preferably by individuals who do not have surplus funds over a long period of time.

• Marketable Securities: A group of shares or debt instruments such as bonds that are all listed on the stock exchange and can be easily sold or purchased; these securities constitute cash assets that accept trading, are recorded at the cost of their purchase and are subject to tax and commission tradable securities help companies to maintain their monetary balance, which is necessary because of the inability to achieve an ideal balance between external and internal cash flows. These securities also contribute to the provision of income to work, When investing money in these securities it is necessary to be careful and careful; it is important to be carefully selected, which contributes to increase their value quickly upon request.

Money Market Mutual Funds (MMMF) are investment funds that invest in financial instruments within the financial market. These instruments comprise both securities issued by the government with maturity Up to one year, treasury bills, commercial papers, certificates of deposit, and other accepted financial instruments.

30 Minute Money Methods

30 Minute Money Methods

Importance Of Investment In Business

Investment is characterized by its important impact on the world of finance and business, and summarizes this importance according to the following points:

• Investment contributes to the identification of future objectives; by relying on its strategic dimensions; through the use of appropriate statistics and data, and knowledge of the risk of investment.

• Investment decisions are based on financial resources; long-term investment needs to have fixed assets; by relying on a range of resources, such as self-financing of the enterprise, or reliance on external financing for access to resources.

• Investment affects the future of an enterprise, such as investments used to develop productive capacity, because it changes the structure of the enterprise.

Investment Motives

There are a range of economic drivers for Investment, which have developed in tandem with the developments that have affected the global economy and witnessed a remarkable diversity with the diversity of parties and investment objectives. It is possible to classify the economic motives of investment according to the following:

? The motives of investing in the traditional economy: which is interested in the interests of investors, and considers economic thinker Keynes that it is divided into two values:

– The first value: the effectiveness of the marginal capital; ie the expected output when the investment is executed.

– The second value: the interest rate; the cost of loans that help to implement the investment.

• Motives for government investment: They are linked to social and economic development plans in countries; they aim to develop policies that contribute to improving the standard of living of citizens by providing all their Basic needs.

• Private Investment Motivation: These are motivated by the development of private investment opportunities in all areas of business, especially with regard to the privatization of projects and the promotion of opportunities for private sector investments. These motives can be determined according to the following:

– The appropriate return on investment resulting from gross profits.

– Contributing to the establishment of new projects.

– Providing opportunities to recover property rights and capital when selling projects.

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The 5 Best Investment Ideas You Can Make For 2018!
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