7 Reasons Why Even Loyal Partner Can Cheat on You

7 Reasons Why Even Loyal Partner Can Cheat on You; People are not that simple and sometimes, they do things that do not have any logical explanation. Everything can seem good in the relationship of a couple, they have an active sex life, but one of them is not limited to just one sexual partner. Can you love someone and cheat on them? There are 7 reasons why even loyal partner can start cheating.


Unsatisfied personal needs

When personal needs such as sexual satisfaction, emotional intimacy, normal communication, cannot be satisfied, then there are two options. The first one is to study yourself, identify the need and talk about it with your partner. The second one is to let the instincts unconsciously get the best of you, searching for a love affair. Many people perceive cheating as a lifeline, and the temptation to cheat on a partner arises constantly.

Loyal Partner

Loyal Partner


Unsatisfied narcissistic needs

There are people who will be in a good mood only when the partner will praise their personality in every possible way, cultivate self-confidence and positively evaluate all their actions.

It may happen that narcissus by their nature will decide that they are unappreciated and will begin to look for self-affirmation. Compliments from strangers will turn into sympathy, which will develop into cheating over time. In this case, the cause of cheating may be a banal desire to assert oneself and prove one’s own worth. Can you really love someone but cheat? No, you cannot.



You can feel lonely even being in a relationship. There are situations when one of the partners works a lot, often goes on business trips, and the second one starts looking for communication on the side to overcome this unpleasant feeling of loneliness. Everything begins with communication on sites like https://datingbrides.com/ and joint walks in free time. However, such communication can develop into a love affair. Often, banal boredom is mistaken for loneliness, and people are looking for a way to diversify their lives, but this certainly cannot be called loneliness.



Meeting with old love can awaken memories that will make old feelings burst into flame for a while. This fire of passion can turn the current relationship into ashes. This feature of the psyche can play a dirty trick even on those people who, until the fateful meeting with the ex-lover, did not even think about cheating. Can someone cheat and still love you? In this case, it’s quite possible.



Someone expresses anger directly, telling about their dissatisfaction and tries to sort things out, but there is also such a type of people for whom the only solution is to have sex with someone else. The offended partner leaves, slamming the door and starts looking for an “antidepressant” at the nearest bar or the club. Many people perceive this behavior as a normal one or even as a template, which they use from time to time.


Fear of intimacy and affection

When the relationship starts filling with affection and sensuality, the partner who is afraid of losing freedom, autonomy, or becoming attached to another person, can go to extremes and cheat on the partner. In their opinion, they do nothing wrong but only use a third party as a guarantor of their freedom. However, such a person is unlikely to ever be able to build a healthy relationship.



There are many aspects of the culture that affect the relationship with another person. Somewhere the norm is polygamy, and somewhere, it is monogamy. If a person grew up in a family with harmony and love, then with a high probability, they would strive to build the same strong relationship. If they lived in a single-parent family and saw cheating, then their values would be typical.

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7 Reasons Why Even Loyal Partner Can Cheat on You
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