SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2018

It is an undeniable fact that SEO is currently the buzzword in the digital world. Right now almost everyone is running a rat race to get on top of the Google’s search engine rankings and well, that is one hefty task because Google keeps changing its algorithm.

Especially if you are new to the online world and if you are running a small business then understanding and implementing effective SEO strategies can be very difficult in the beginning. And search engine optimization is one daunting task which is why studying it properly and making an in-depth research on this topic is necessary. Now, you have two options, either hire SEO professionals, there are several SEO packages UK that you can find on the internet. And if you don’t want someone to work for you and if you wish to take the SEO matters in your own hand then here are some of the SEO trends of 2018 that you must know. These trends will actually help you come on top of the search engine rankings only if you follow them properly.

1- Mobile Friendly Websites



If you have a website for your business, that’s great but is it mobile friendly? Well, if it isn’t then you better start working on it and make it mobile friendly because according to the Google new algorithm, only those websites will rank high in the search engines which can be used by both, the desktop users and the mobile phone users. You see, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and people prefer to search websites on their phones instead of opening them on their computers which means that not having a mobile-friendly website can actually increase your bounce rate and you will be missing out on a huge figure of audience.

2- Relevant content

Google won’t spare your website if you don’t have the relevant content on it and if you think you can trick Google then rethink your decision because Google is now smarter and way more active than before. In fact, now it’s becoming harder to convince Google that your content is relevant because now there are several techniques through which the quality and relevancy of your content is judged and analyzed. You just have to make sure that your content is comprehensive, the keywords you use must be relevant and whatever you post on your site must be high in quality.

3- Voice Search
Voice search is going to increase this year sharply and you have to take measures for that as soon as possible. There are high chances that you own a smart speaker and if you don’t then someone in your circle must have something called an Amazon Echo or Google Home. The sales of these smart speakers is increasing at a rapid pace and this is a clear indication that from this year, people will start preferring voice search over typing. These speakers are voice activated and they actually interact with the search engines a lot which means that you if you also want a friendly relation with the SERP’s then you need to work on the voice search of your website.

4- SEO will expand beyond Bing and Google

We all have been hearing and working on platforms like Google and Bing for a long time now but now it’s high time to think out of the box and try using and struggling for SEO on other platforms like Amazon and Yelp etc. There is no doubt in the fact that Google still comes on top when we talk about the search engine sphere but if you really want to expand your business to a whole another level then you need to get your hands on the other platforms too.

These are some of the top SEO trends of 2019. Now, it’s high time for you to Study SEO in detail and then work as per the above-mentioned trends, we assure you that within a short time period, you will see some real time results.

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SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2018
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