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Is Violent Crime Increasing? – The American Prospect, A single glance at the news reveals no shortage of the reports with the mass shootings and the high rate of murders in some of the cities in the United States like Chicago and St Louis. Overall, the crime rate within the United States has remained unchanged. In fact, the number of incidents went from 387 incident per 100,000 people in 2011 to 386 incidents for every 100,000 in 2016. The FBI reports how violent crime has come to include four different kinds of offenses. You have rape, murder, robbery and aggravated assault.

The United States has always had a fair share of diversity, which has made it hard for a person to pin down the local trends. That especially becomes true with crime because the incidents all tend to have a highly localized factor, and it will vary not only between the states, but it will also vary between the cities. In fact, even with some of the neighborhoods, you will see a big difference. It has continued to fluctuate on a big level, and the changes in violent crime have continued throughout the last half of the decade. Let’s take a couple of metropolitan areas like Indiana, Ames, Iowa and Muncie, for example. The crime improved greatly, and in fact, it dropped by 40 percent.

Violent Crime

Violent Crime

Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened across the board with cities in the United States. For example, metropolitan cities like Monroe, Louisiana have witnessed a rise in crime by as much as 90 percent. Meanwhile, states like Florida have witnessed a slight drop in violent crime by around 16.5 percent. With these things in mind, it can be hard to know exactly what is going on. You have to look at crime on the individualized level to understand what is truly going on.

Based on a report from Intelius Felony Data, generations seem to have been pitted face to face because of the unique cultural and personality traits that have set them apart. Looking at the statistics and information from this report, crime doesn’t always relate to the number of people who live in a state. In fact, it could even lower the amount of crime because in a highly populated area, the higher demand for police has usually led to more police and fewer crimes that take place.

In addition, some states like North Dakota, the rate of drunk driving deaths have risen by as much as 64.2 percent within the last 10 years. Many times crimes have reflected the need to fuel a drug addiction, which has led to an uptick in the level of crime. With these things in mind, you can understand how and why crime takes place in the way that it does.

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Is Violent Crime Increasing? - The American Prospect
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