How To Start A Online Trading Business Opportunities In 2017

Online Trading service is a service provided by the Orion Code brokerage firm to its customers, so enabling them to trade securities through the introduction of purchase orders and sales to their own electronic trading system through the use of the Internet.

Online Trading

Online Trading

And it follows the investor who wishes to trade securities through the Internet to be aware that this mechanism significantly and substantially different from the traditional way of authorized financial intermediary to enter purchase orders and sales on behalf of the client, it is through the trading service online investor can stock prices continues in neighborhood as well as other trading information and any information provided by the mediator him through service, shall thereafter enter buy and sell its own without the need commands to communicate with the mediator and the mandate to do so, so the investor is fully aware that he is the owner of a purchase decision or sale which is responsible for the implementation of this the decision by the introduction of the appropriate command to the electronic trading system by the software provided by the broker for its clients.

As the investor must before using it to serve the online trading to be aware of some of the technical and organizational matters relating to this service, in addition to the full realization that the use of the Internet involves a number of risks that could bring him loss undesirable, and these risks are linked to the Internet itself, user or program, or an electronic trading system, as well as the misuse of the service by the investor. So the investor acknowledges that he understands and accepts the risks that may face when trading via the Internet, and that the mediator will not be responsible for cases of communication failure or crash or delay when trading via the Internet, as it will not be held liable for the resulting errors in account balances as a result of this failure or holidays.

Brokerage firm offers trading online service to its customers after obtaining the necessary approvals from the stock exchange and the Securities and yet meet all the requirements set forth in securities trading instructions via the Internet and any other requirements determined by the stock market and the Commission, as the brokerage firm is committed to the signing of the trade agreement with online customers wishing to take advantage of this service, which includes all organizational aspects between the two parties, and to inform the brokerage firm client to all documents relating to the service.

The advantages of Trading Online:

1. enable the investor to follow the course of trading in real time regardless of geographical location.

2. enable the investor to enter purchase orders and sales immediately in the light of the follow-up course of trading, and take advantage of the moment offered investment opportunities.

3. enable the investor to follow-up and management of the entered orders and follow up on its investment portfolio in real time.

4. attract attention and attract new investors, whether they are local or foreign.

5. Increase customer base securities.

6. increase the depth and liquidity of the market and high trading volumes.

The trading mechanism online

After the investor information in to their account online through a brokerage firm that deals with it, it becomes able to follow the course of trading and the introduction of buy and sell its own orders.

The software provided by the brokerage company for this purpose, which checks the availability of sufficient balance of cash or securities to the investor’s account before accepting it.

In case of purchase: The book value of the cash equivalent to the value of the purchase order plus the commission and allowances payable to the investor, and that immediately after you enter a purchase order depending on the quantity input and price entrance, also based software to amend the reserved cash value in case the investor to amend the purchase entrance or order canceled, and in the case of implementation in whole or in part, the program is immediately deduct the cost of the securities purchased and adjusted cash balance depending on the price of implementation.

In the case of sales: the software will book the amount of securities offered by the investor available for trade balance, and in the case of execution of the sale is partially or completely be deducted quantity carried by the investor balance and increase the cash tally equivalent securities sold, less the value of which the commission and allowances owed by the client .

Trading risks online

1. password for the loss of investor’s account.

The loss or loss of entry information for the investor account as the user name and password, or neglect of an investor of non-preservation, or disclosure to others may result in numerous risks lie in enabling third party access to the investor’s account and misuse of this account.

2. Action program trading mechanism online.

The lack of information a good investor and trading functions program online before you start using it may lead to committing mistakes had been made a loss undesirable, so the investor must be seen well on your software manual before using it to get to know all its functions well, ask your broker for any matters not clear him through the user guide.

3. crashes online.

Because the mediator does not have any control over the Internet is used to provide trading service for investors, the breakdowns experienced by this network may lead to a partial disruption or full service, which means the loss of contact with orders entered into the electronic trading system, and an investor in such case immediately contact with the mediator and to inform him of the problem suffered by the mediator to turn control of the orders entered and return to the traditional way of trading until the return of the service, in accordance with the orders of the client.

4. Internet connectivity speed.

It is also not the mediator any control over the Internet, it also does not have any control over the investee connection speed, which may affect the efficiency of receiving information or routed over the Internet, which could lead to delays in the receipt of trading information and messages notification received from the trading system concerning orders entered, as may have on this matter delayed sending purchase orders and sales to the electronic trading system.

5. heightened trading activity movement abruptly.

The increase in trading activity movement suddenly or even increase the severity of overcrowding on the service provided by the broker for its clients, which may result in increasing the momentum of information that is the mailing through the Internet, which could lead to the possibility of late arrival of information or update the prices of securities on the user’s program, in addition to the role it may play in connecting to the service interruption or failure.

6. crashes the computer user’s machine by the investor.

The fault that has exposed the investor may lead to reduce the chance of complete operations or inability to final implementation, or lack of access to the Internet to connect to the service, or even non-receipt of notification from the electronic trading about the orders entered system messages your computer monitor, so the investor must conduct the necessary periodic maintenance of your automated computer him for fear of sudden crashes.

7. errors in the prices and information trading in securities that are transmitted through the trading platform online.

Crash mentioned above and which are exposed systems, software, or hardware and communication lines used to access the information incorrectly to the investor may lead, so the investor in case you notice any errors in prices and other trading information to stop using the service immediately and inform the mediator that fear of loss-making non grata In which.

8. third-party intervention.

The risks that may also be exposed to the investor is the third-party intervention in the network, including the objection or notification sent by fraudsters messages and impersonators such as people who are able to monitor Internet sites accessed and tampered with the process.

It also includes the kind of risk that a third party to enter the programs and systems to your Computer private investor, including viruses and intrusion and infiltration …. etc, which can interfere with or damage the contacts and cause damage in the computer user systems.

Therefore, the investor must be based always run sunscreens and protective of malicious hackers software (Firewalls), and anti-virus software, and work on the follow-up updated periodically process, according to requirements of these programs which ensure the reduction of the risk of third-party intervention in the investor computers.

9. internal modifications to the computer systems of the investor by his employees or his employees (in case the investor is a legal person).

10. careless handling of sensitive and confidential data by persons using the investor or the data stored in computer systems.

11. failure to provide programs and protective sunscreens (firewalls), passwords and other mechanisms to control access to a computer the customer, which helps in reducing the risks of Internet use in the communications and execute trades.

12. Any other risks resulting from the use of the Internet.

The client also acknowledges that it is aware that the security and protection techniques, and methods used for the purposes of intrusion and access to Internet sites and tampered with and interception and interference in Internet connections and any other risks resulting from the use of the Internet is growing steadily with time, it is necessary to continue to update and procedures for the security and protection consistently techniques , improved Internet connections and mechanisms to execute trades made through the Internet.

Tips for the investor who wants to trade using the online service

1. trading service over the Internet does not mean direct contact with the electronic trading system in the stock market.

Although the investor follows up on securities trading in the neighborhood movement, in addition to going to enter buy and sell special orders by himself without the need to connect with the mediator to mandate this, however, the investor must be aware that the orders entered is first passed to the broker systems to check electronically the adequacy of cash or securities and any other terms of the balance, and then are routed electronically to the electronic trading system in the stock market. So the investor to linger by the referee on the arrival of the matter to the electronic trading system and not to repeat the command input tries so as not to lead to the implementation of the double undesirable purchased or sold quantities, the investor understands and agrees that he is responsible and no one else for any repeat orders entered from through the Internet.

2. Check out the protection and confidentiality applied by the brokerage company policy.

3. Ask your broker about how direct contact with the customer service in case you want to inquire about the service, or if there are problems, the company would like to inform the mediator, and the mechanism of action adopted by the company in an emergency.

4. The introduction of orders through the Internet does not mean implemented immediately.

If the investor enters a purchase order or sales through the program does not mean the implementation of this matter on the spot, and the arrival of the entrance is to the trading of the many reasons that have been mentioned earlier system may be delayed, and of the failure or the Internet or systems and software used disrupt, or delay resulting from verification of the order mechanism among intermediate systems before passed to the electronic trading system, or also as a result of severe overcrowding on the service provided by the broker or the intensification of activity trading activity in the stock market, or as a result of changing supply and demand forces before the arrival of the matter to the electronic trading system and therefore be recorded it on the command log awaiting execution.

For the investor should realize that what is provided by the intermediary service to enter purchase orders and sales through the Internet only, and does not guarantee or executes these commands and he must follow the state of the entrance, which has the matter and not to try to repeat the same command input.

5. delayed renovation investor account balances immediately upon execution of the order.

In some cases, and in spite of the implementation of the entrance it has with immediate effect is not updated account balances and simultaneously with the execution, and this is due to the possibility of delays in the receipt of a notification to the implementation of the entrance is a result of the reasons for the failures mentioned earlier, failure to receive a confirmation message does not necessarily mean failure to implement it, so The investor must have to wait a bit and follow-up messages received and not try to re-enter commands, and in case of non-receipt of any message prefers contact with the mediator to inquire on the status of the entrance matter and to inform him of the problem.

6. investor must comply with the minimum technical requirements specified by the mediator, which should be available in a line of communication with the Internet, and computers used to run the service.

7. In the case of loss of the password, The Orion Code client does the following: – The client connects with the mediator on the hotline and ask him to change his password (which include Stop password and replace it with a new word) After the mediator makes sure the caller identity of the client.

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