Gunman Kills 10 in An Educational Institute In Oregon

Rosenberg (Oregon) – Gunman Kills 10 in An Educational Institute In Oregon, Authorities said the gunman opened fire inside the educational institute in the southwestern US state of Oregon on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven others before being shot and killed by police in the latest incident to kill randomly inside the campus in the United States.

The suspect was killed in an exchange of fire with police in Snyder Hall in the Faculty Rosenberg after the incident at around 10:30 on Thursday morning local time (17/30 GMT). Witnesses say the suspect fired dozens of bullets into the crowded room screaming students study.

It did not release the gunman on the part of local authorities. A source said to a law enforcement The suspect, identified as Chris Harper Mercer. She and other media that the 26-year-old.

In a photo posted on MySpace believed to have belonged to a young man shaved head appeared wearing dark glasses He glanced at the camera holding a rifle.

CNN said the man was armed with three pistols and a “long gun” and wearing a condom.

Survivors said that the incident of armed students who were cowering and ordered to stand identify their religion before they shoot them one by one.

The father of the Staci, a student 18-year-old was hit but survived after he pretended that they died for CNN that his daughter recounted that her teacher was shot at close range when the killer broke into the classroom.


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